Gerald and his team of Taxi tour guides will conduct you on the tours as listed

Malcolm Colegate

Gerald, Thank you for giving my Australian son and Grandson a great tour of London, you really tailor made the day to their interests and took us to areas I would never have known existed. We even had a coffee stop at the Methodist Central Hall, with all its history. You managed to excite a 14 year old with the history of Westminster Abbey, which matched his little knowledge of William the Conqueror, even he didn’t expect to have his history lessons brought to life so vividly. Thank very much for a lovely time. Regards Malcolm & Delia Colegate

Mr & Mrs. Dale Andrews

We had a great time touring with you and feel that we saw a lot of England that would have easily escaped us had we booked elsewhere.  It was a pleasure to tour and visit with you.

We spent the whole day at Hampton Court and loved it.  We saw Henry during the presentation they did but we did not get the chance to actually meet him.  We did, however, arrive at 11:00, as you suggested, and saw the beginning of the welcoming act, including the parade upstairs to the great hall.  They did everything first rate at Hampton Court — glad we went.

Again, thanks for taking us under your wing.  We will be sure to recommend your services to others.

Annabel Girard, Danville, KY, USA

Brenda Edwards and I were escourted around London last year by you last year — we will be presenting a talk about our adventures in London (and Paris) this month at our public library.

I wanted to be sure I identified you correctly — (I plan use info on your business card.) — and would like to make your e-mail available to anyone who might be going to London and want to use your services.

Brenda and I so enjoyed our tour with you — and my husband was most appreciative of the cigars from the store that served Churchill.

One of the publicity pictures the library is using for our talk is the one of us with the Yeomen.

Mrs Perlin, Atlanta (Second visit)

Thank you for a fantastic week. And all the extra thoughtful things that you did.

Mr Hartel, Saint Louis, MO

We had a smashing time on the tour this morning – my children were exhausted and needful and your understanding is most appreciated.  Best wishes always.

Mrs Pitti, Tokyo

All the best for the New Year and my appreciation for one of the best tours – ever!

Phyllis Myers, Waltham Forest Friendship Club

On behalf of the Club, I must thank you once again for the really wonderful day we had today. We all live in London and do not appreciate our historical city. You have given us an insight into such a great deal of it and for this and all your knowledge, we are most grateful. I know we all hope to repeat this one day in the future.

Mrs Perling, Atlanta

I know your ears must be ringing constantly as Ruth and I talk about you all the time.  You certainly made our time in London a memorable one that we’ll never forget.  We do hope to come back again and, of course, no one but you  could take us around.  Received the pictures, thanks so much, it’ll be a constant reminder of our wonderful days in London – weather and all.

Mr Koonts, Lexington, NC

Thank you is not enough to express our appreciation for  showing us the sights of London.  We really enjoyed the tours and all the information you provided.  Everything you did for us during our stay in London will always be remembered and meant the world for us.

Owen & Nancy Rush, Saint Louis, MO

We’ll never forget your kindness when you took us to the Churchill War Room in London back in August. We want to remember you at Christmas with this little gift. We hope to get back to London next year, and we’ll get in touch with you.

Mr Sammuelson, Golders Green, London

Thank you for your letter of this week with the photos enclosed. My wife and I are pleased to have such an excellent visual record of a very pleasant day. Kind regards and renewed thanks.

Dave Hough, USA

Thank you for a wonderful tour of London. I had a fantastic time and shared my adventure and pictures with my family. The photos have all come out except for one inside St Clement Danes of the alter. Thanks again for a terrific view of London.

Barbara Chao, Canada

We are now back in Canada having had a wonderful week in London. The tour provided by your company was just what we wanted. It was convenient and well designed. Gerald was knowledgeable and a delightful tour guide. I will recommend your company to anyone going abroad in the future. Thank you very much.

Gillian Christensen

I just wanted to let you know what a great time we had with Gerald on Boxing Day. My husband’s parents had a wonderful day. Please pass on our thanks to Gerald. If we are ever in need of another taxi tour of London, we know where to come!

Carmel Crowson

The Black Taxi HP tour was the highlight. Gerald was absolutely marvellous…in fact we hired him to drive us to Gatwick and on to Dover … Thank you for finding him and making this particular reason for our holiday so incredibly special.

Janet Mathis and Warren, too!!!

Just a note to let you know we made it home safe and sound. I am so happy that we had such a good time with you. I have pictures and will send in a separate e-mail. We should have got you to come and take us to our next hotel but we really ran out of cash. We went via the tube and got there safely. Won’t ever do that again…change hotels. But it was something that could not be helped.
You were awesome to us and thanks again for everything. We are planning a second trip within two years and hope to use your service again then.

Randi Herschel

We had a great time in London thanks to you. Please use us for a 100% satisfied excellent reference to any future clients of yours. Just give them my email address of and I will be most happy to reply… …I just am glad we had you to show us around, we would not have been able to do all we did without you and I was really sick…

Mrs Svensson, Sweden

‘Thank you for the terrific tour you did for us about two weeks ago. It was the highlight of out stay, and I’ve already told  all my friends to contact you if they ever need a London guide.’